Reliable & Extremely Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

Our Streamline air conditioning systems guarantee one thing – energy efficiency. These silent and powerful machines give the most viable solutions for your home. Moreover, we also provide a full range of DC to AC converters- these are crucial to the functioning of many high wall split air conditioning units.

At Troy Traders Ltd., you will find that we sell a variety of air conditioning equipment with high quality standards and competitive prices. These top-condition products also come in a range of reliable brands like York, Perkins and Bristol. Other than split air conditioning units, we also specialize in selling air conditioning parts that include DC inverters and industrial units used at power plants and factories.

All our air conditioning systems are reliable and energy efficient. What’s more is that with their quiet operation, dependable, smooth working, indoor temperature flexibility panels and energy audit facility; they make the best bet for a heat-free, comfort zone for your residence.
Don’t swelter in the heat. Call our air conditioning professionals and experience the best air conditioning products!

Brands We Deal In